Father groups for equal parenting

Publicerad 23 november 2020

Utgiven av MÄN

Författare: MÄN

Typ: Rapporter

Did you know that in families with young children, mothers are off sick twice as much as fathers? And that it stays that way until the children turn 18? It is just one of the many effects of living with inequality, in a society where often most of the care and household chores are optional for men and the main responsibility for women. We also know the vast majority of domestic violence is perpetrated by men against women, both in and outside the home.

At MÄN we want to change this. One part of that change is the LifeCycle Project. With support of the EU, we have initiated a project to scale up the work of violence prevention in Sweden. It is called the LifeCycle Project because violence prevention should continue throughout life. We know there are stages when men are more receptive to changing their behaviour and attitudes. One such point is becoming a parent. A key part of the project is thus working towards equal parenting by focusing on fatherhood.

In this report we explain how we have rapidly scaled up our work with father groups and put in place the structures needed to run them across Sweden.

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