One step on the way

Publicerad 25 november 2020

This report has been developed within the framework for MÄN’s project The Life Cycle, funded by the EU, where Unizon is a partnership organization. The Life Cycle is a project within violence prevention which has been active since 2018.

Within this project, MÄN work with strategies for impact evaluation, focusing on a system-encompassing effort to prevent men’s violence against women. This project has meant that violence prevention efforts which

MÄN have carried out earlier, such as efforts within primary education as well as equal opportunity parenting, can now be applied at a greater scale. The project’s purpose is to scale up and systematize work within violence prevention with a gender transformative approach in Sweden, with the goal of creating a support structure and implementation cycle for sustainable and robust implementation of violence prevention efforts throughout life; thus the title The Life Cycle. The project further aims to strengthen local, national and European collaboration around the prevention of men’s violence against women. This survey is one of several thematic reports produced within the framework of this project.