The IMAGINE Toolkit

Publicerad 1 augusti 2018

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As a coordinator for the European MenEngage Network MÄN is actively working to promote gender equality and preventing violence in Europe. During 2016-2018 MÄN coordinated the IMAGINE Initiative, “Inspiring Male Action on Gender Equality in Europe”.

The three organisations MÄN, Emancipator and The Good Lad Initiative worked together to engage young men in combating sexualized harassment and sexualized violence (SH&SV).

Starting in spring of 2017 we recruited volunteers working against SH&SV. The volunteers have worked throughout the Netherlands, Sweden and the United Kingdom to inspire young people to reflect upon gendered norms, equality, relationships and consent.

Through the project, we wanted to inspire more actors to work with gender transformative violence prevention programs to counter SH&SV in Europe. As a part of that effort, we launched The IMAGINE Toolkit in 2018, containing best practice, exercises and lessons learned from the project.