MÄN and Bianca Kronlöf urge all men to write letters to another man

Over the past year, Swedish author, actress and comedian Bianca Kronlöf has written lots of letters to men she has met. About emotions, sex, violence, masculinity. To the slack and the hard, to dad and grandpa, to the unborn son and to the one night stand. They all became part of the book “Brev till mannen” (“Letters to Men”). However, Bianca Kronlöf finds it has been too quiet on the other end. We think so too. It is time for us men to respond. Not to Bianca – but to those around us.

From our experience as an organisation working with men and boys, we know that a lot of men seek closer relationships with other men in their lives, but often feel they lack the knowledge or capabilities in achieving just that. Even though we might care a lot about each other, we are often bad at showing it. So, let us break the silence and show more care than the little that is expected of us!

When did you and your dad ever talk about something that really matters? Is there anything you've never said to your brother? Have you ever told your best friend that you love him?

We encourage all men to write #brevfrånmannen (#lettersfrommen) . A real physical letter that you can hold in your hand, one that is dropped down on to someone's doormat or in someone's mailbox. One you cannot scroll past in an endless feed.

Don’t know where to start? Base your letter on one of these themes:

  • Love letter

  • This weighs on me

  • You do not know this

  • It has been long since we spoke

  • I have wanted to say this for a long time

Your letter may begin with one of the following:

  • I love you …

  • I regret that…

  • I never told you that…

  • Sorry about …

  • Hi dad/mom/someone else. We have not heard from each other for a while…

Continue with your own words. Or start in some other way. What matters is that your letter means something to you and the person you are writing to.

Bianca started by writing “Letters to men”. This is our response, to write #brevfrånmannen (#lettersfrommen). Who are you writing to? ❤️

(Inspire others to write letters and spread our campaign by doing a video or taking a photo when you put your letter in the mail. Feel free to tell us who you are writing to and what your letter is about. Or share it in your social media, using the hashtag #brevfrånmannen and tagging MÄN and Bianca Kronlöf.)