Defenders of Gender Equality From all Over Europe Met up in Berlin

Many ideas, reflections and smiles were exchanged when members of the MenEngage Europe Network met in Berlin for the bi-annual members’ meeting. The purpose of these meetings is to strengthen each other in the fight for gender equality and against violence.

Each member organisation has its own challenges, success stories and methods, so there is much to learn from each other – one of the reasons why MenEngage Europe (MEE) exists and is highly valued by its members.

MenEngage Europe in a Rapidly Changing Europe

In recent years, different parts of Europe have gone in different directions when it comes to equality and the transformation of masculinities. In some regions, gender equality movements are experiencing increased backlash and serious threats. In other regions, equality and the state of transformation of masculinities are moving slowly but surely in a positive direction.

The MenEngage Europe network, MEE, offers European organisations working for gender equality and transforming masculinity a chance to meet other organisations in the region. There are more than 100 member organisations, representing 33 European countries. The network connects advocates, activists, and experts from Finland in the north to Malta in the south, from Ireland in the west to Georgia in the east, and offers them a channel to the global movement for gender equality and violence prevention.

The regional secretariat of MenEngage Europe is located at the organisation MÄN in Sweden and consists of three employees. MEE is connected to the global movement for gender equality and violence prevention through the global MenEngage Alliance.

The Members’ Meeting Provides Energy and Motivation

The members’ meeting in Berlin was one of the most important MenEngage Europe events in 2022. Many members participated in workshops, discussions and planning the development of the network.

Three Questions to Sofia Strive, Coordinator at the MenEngage Europe Secretariat

What was the best part about meeting the network members in Berlin?

- I believe the ideas, suggestions and friendships that were created in Berlin will be possible to build on for a long time. It was important that we had a chance to meet up physically. Seeing and feeling how this group welcomes each other's differences and embraces each other's perspectives is truly heart-warming and creates an incredible sense of belonging and solidarity.

What makes you keep fighting for gender equality with the world looking the way it does?

- There is incredible strength and resourcefulness among the organisations and movements that work for equality in different parts of Europe. I’m inspired by the activists I meet, by their solidarity and enthusiasm. It fuels my motivation and gives me the energy to continue to work and support them, despite political setbacks and backlash.

When will the next meeting take place and how can organisations and individuals get involved in MenEngage? 

- MenEngage Europe has members’ meetings every two years but will have an extra online meeting as early as February 2023. Moreover, the network will organise many other activities, such as webinars, online trainings, advocacy work and knowledge exchange during 2023 and beyond. If you are interested and wish to learn more about MenEngage Europe’s activities and how to become a member, you are more than welcome to contact the regional secretariat at