MÄN launches – Sweden's first digital support platform for fathers

On Father's Day, MÄN launched Sweden's first digital support platform specifically for fathers. The goal is to become a meeting place where fathers, regardless of their life situation, can seek advice and support, as well as engage in conversations with other fathers. offers support and community around parenthood and the role of being a father – whether one is expecting their first child, separated, living with stepchildren, or has children with multiple partners.

At MÄN, we encounter many fathers who are entirely or partially without a network to discuss thoughts and questions related to relationships and parenthood. With, we aim to provide a context where fathers can access valuable information about parenthood, children, and relationships.

The site includes practical tips on everything from how fathers can become more present parents to where to find help for mental health issues. In addition, there is also a forum where fathers can converse and support each other on topics related to parenthood, well-being, or relationships.

– There is a need for care for fathers in their parenthood, especially during a separation. We hope that will help more men take responsibility for a more equal parenthood. Secure fathers create secure children, providing our children with better opportunities in life, says Shahab Ahmadian, chairperson of MÄN. has been made possible with support from Allmänna arvsfonden (The Swedish Inheritance Fund).