MÄN and Sverok release games to prevent violence

Samspel Skola is a method material, made possible with support from Arvsfonden, where games are used to prevent violence and violations. The material is aimed at grades 4–6 and teaches students to recognize and intervene in violence in a smart and secure way.

– No child should be subjected to or subject others to violence and violations. With Samspel Skola, we want to, together with the children, create secure environments where caring for each other becomes the norm. It is also crucial to provide them with tools to safely intervene when a violent situation arises, says Adam Wassrin, method developer at the organization MÄN.

Here, Alexander, 10 years old, plays the digital adventure game "På gränsen," where participants solve mysteries while learning more about what consent can mean.
– You need to ask for consent, and you can always withdraw consent, concludes Alexander when he has finished playing.

Using games as tools

In Samspel Skola, students get to try different forms of games, such as card games, role-playing games, and digital games on themes such as violence, consent, harmful norms for boys, racism, and mental health. MÄN is based in violence prevention work, and Sverok has expertise in games and gaming culture. The choice to build Samspel Skola around games reflects the importance of games in the lives of children and young people today.

– Choosing to build Samspel Skola around games reflects the significance of games in the lives of children and young people today. Games are more than entertainment and pastime – they are a platform for social interaction and engagement. With our games as tools, it's not just easy to create change, it's fun, says Björn Adriansson, communicator and producer at Sverok.

Through Samspel Skola, students learn what it means to be an active bystander and how they can intervene against violence in various situations, both online and offline. The method is based on the same strategies as the MÄN organization's violence prevention program MVP (Mentors in Violence Prevention), which is used today in around 40 municipalities. The goal of MVP is to create a culture where the norm is to intervene if one witnesses violence and violations.

The method material consists of 10 lesson sessions and is designed to be quick and easy to get started with, with minimal preparation time for the leader. On, you can find more information and how to order Samspel Skola for your class.

Samspel Fritid is free to play

We have also developed Samspel Fritid – For children in open activities aged 10–15 years. Samspel Fritid is free of charge, except for certain optional external games used in the method.