About MÄN

MÄN is a non-profit, feminist organisation founded in 1993 as a platform for men to take action against men’s violence towards women. We work to change destructive masculinity norms and reduce male violence. Our vision is an equal world free from violence.

Our key goals help us achieve this vision:

Getting men to act

MÄN is a unique platform for men and guys to get involved in equality issues. We get men to act, both in Sweden and around the world. Of course, members and activists of any gender are welcome at MÄN! We are a safe space for self-reflection and discussion. At MÄN, you can change and be changed in the company of like-minded others.

Preventing violence

At MÄN, we are experts on the issues of masculinity, violence and how to prevent violence. We offer violence-prevention methods designed specifically for children and adolescents, fathers and local municipalities amongst others. Key parts of our work on preventing violence include promoting sexual consent, striving for equal parenthood and combatting sexualised violence.

Changing norms

MÄN focuses on masculinity norms. We analyze how these norms are created and how they affect society, relationships and individuals. By challenging and ultimately changing harmful masculinity norms, we contribute to gender equality, improved public health and freedom from violence.

Feminist values

We believe that men’s violence is both the cause and effect of an unequal society in which men have more power and privileges than women. That is why all our work is rooted in a feminist perspective. We cooperate closely with the women’s movement. Our goal is to strengthen the movement, not highlight the issue of boys and men at the expense of it.

National and international cooperation

To achieve an equal world free from violence, we need to work together. That is why we continuously build new partnerships. Through interactive meetings, workshops and exchanges with activists and experts, we strengthen each other. We operate locally through individual activists and local groups, nationally through our Swedish office and internationally with partners across the world.