Whistleblower service

Do you want to report misconduct? We encourage those working for, hiring, or collaborating with MÄN, and who suspect irregularities within the organization, to inform us about the situation.

Your report may concern suspicion of financial irregularities, conflicts of interest, or corruption. It may involve abuse of power, discrimination, violations, or sexual harassment. Your report may also pertain to other violations of MÄN's ethical policy or actions contrary to our values by someone representing MÄN.

Our commitments are outlined in various documents, including:

In the first instance, we prefer you to contact the responsible manager for the relevant operations. You can also contact our director, Anna Lindqvist, or our chairperson, Shahab Ahmadian. Contact details can be found here.

Feel free to reach out with general questions or feedback to our mailbox at info@mfj.se.

Our whistleblower service

If you wish to remain anonymous, you can use our whistleblower function, an encrypted service via WhistleB. You can find our whistleblower service here.

You do not need to provide evidence for your suspicion, but all messages should be made in good faith.

How we handle your report

Suspicions and reports of misconduct are received by a group consisting of the chairperson, director, and chief financial officer. Depending on the nature of the case, one of them is appointed as the main responsible for the case. A person subject to suspicion never participates in handling the case. If a decision is made for further investigation, other individuals may be involved in an investigation group based on competence and needs. Individuals receiving sensitive information in a report handle it with confidentiality.