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MÄN's Chairperson: "Care is the Opposite of Violence"

29 May 2024

"When I didn't believe in myself, there were people around me who did." Shahab Ahmadian, MÄN's chairperson, writes about being a boy in the suburbs – then and now.

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An Upswing for MÄN Karlstad

17 May 2024

MÄN Karlstad is one of MÄN’s 21 local chapters, and one of the busiest. Over the past year, they have had an upswing in member activities as well as local reach.

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Redefine Project Meeting in Armenia

25 March 2024

In March, MÄN visited the Armenian capital Yerevan for a regional meeting within the framework of the five-year regional programme Redefine – Gender transformative work with men in Eastern Europe and South Caucasus. The purpose of Redefine is to

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Project on Young Men and Porn Draws to a Close

7 February 2024

Many young men and boys regularly watch porn, and for some it becomes their first introduction to sex and a form of sexual education. In MÄN’s project “Killar om porr” (in English: “Guys on Porn”) we set out to understand how watching porn affects

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How MÄN is preventing sexual harassment for a better work life

15 December 2023

Several studies indicate a lack of preventive measures against sexual harassment in workplaces. Therefore, since 2022, MÄN has been leading a project supported by the Swedish Equality Agency to counteract sexual harassment in workplaces. The project

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Protect Civilians – We Demand an Immediate and Lasting Ceasefire

13 December 2023

MÄN and a large collection of organizations today publish an open letter to Minister for Foreign Affairs Tobias Billström. As part of the international community, the Swedish government should do everything in its power to act and initiate a

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New survey on swedish fathers' experiences of separation

29 November 2023

Separations are often a crisis period for both adults and children, as well as a risk situation for destructive conflicts between parents and for domestic violence. A new survey by IPSOS, commissioned by the organization MÄN, shows that half of the

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MÄN and Sverok release games to prevent violence

22 November 2023

Samspel Skola is a method material, made possible with support from Arvsfonden, where games are used to prevent violence and violations. The material is aimed at grades 4–6 and teaches students to recognize and intervene in violence in a smart and

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MÄN launches – Sweden's first digital support platform for fathers

8 November 2023

On Father's Day, MÄN launched Sweden's first digital support platform specifically for fathers. The goal is to become a meeting place where fathers, regardless of their life situation, can seek advice and support, as well as engage in conversations

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World-renowned band Bon Iver chooses MÄN as their Swedish partner

15 May 2023

The American band Bon Iver has selected MÄN as their partner when the band comes to Sweden to perform at Dalhalla in Rättvik on June 10. Exclusive ticket packages for the sold-out concert have now been released, and all proceeds go to MÄN.

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