Our work

Since 1993, MÄN has been active in the key areas of preventing violence, advancing equal parenthood, changing norms, supporting guys and acting internationally and locally for an equal world free from violence. Within these areas, we have set up unique projects and specifically designed methods for children and adolescents, young guys, men and fathers.


Statistics show almost all violent crimes are committed by men. At the same time, men also constitute the majority of victims. This is linked to society’s idea of what it means to be a man: tough, masculine, strong, unfeeling – someone who fights, not talks. To prevent violence, MÄN works to change these destructive norms.

  • “En kommun fri från våld” (EKFFV, A municipality without violence) is a violence-prevention project at the Swedish municipal level. EKFVV focuses on children and youth from a young age in particular, to prevent violence from arising in the first place. This is done through training sessions in schools, public campaigns and getting a wide range of municipal actors to join in the project – from preschools and youth organisations to local police and social services. When an entire municipality is aware of and working to solve the problem, violence can be significantly reduced.
  • Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP) is a method to prevent violence before it happens. It was created in the US in 1993 by Jackson Katz. The method raises awareness of what violence is, how it occurs and how to stop it. MVP introduced the “active bystander” approach, to encourage people to step in when they witness violence. The method also reflects on hows stereotypical norms play a role in perpetuating a culture of violence. Today, MVP is used successfully at US schools, sports clubs and in the military. In Sweden, MÄN uses the MVP method in its education program for high school and gymnasium students. In the program’s seven lessons, different scenarios of violence are discussed to see how they could have been prevented.


To increase equality and prevent violence in intimate relationships, MÄN focuses on fathers. We help them navigate their roles as parents and encourage them to take on an equal share of the responsibility for their children and the household.

  • We organise fathers’ groups to allow fathers to meet each other, talk and share experiences. A trained fathers’ group leader invites participants to discuss what kind of father they want to be, how their childhood affects their parenting, why fathers are important, how to show affection or express feelings and how to share household tasks between parents. Fathers’ groups are organised at healthcare centres and often well-received. In the words of one participant: “Being in this fathers’ group has meant so much to me! It really made me feel that I matter as a father.”
  • We offer equal parenthood training to healthcare and maternity staff. This helps staff members treat all parents in an equal way. Topics discussed in our staff training include attachment theory, preparing fathers for parenthood, adoption, the LGBTQ perspective and dealing with violence by fathers.


Certain norms in society force men into a very limiting, traditional masculine role. This can lead to violence and assault. That is why we want to change these harmful norms and broaden the confines of what a “man” or “guy” is expected to be. This allows men to be who they are, increases equality and reduces violence.

  • Machofabriken (Macho Factory) consists of learning material to advance gender equality and prevent violence. It is designed for adolescents age 13 to 25. Machofabriken takes a critical look at social norms on masculinity, gender and sexuality. Project participants reflect on these norms and the way they affect our lives and relationships. Through interactive exercises and a range of short films, they then learn to question and even change norms. Machofabriken empowers participants to take charge of their own lives instead of being steered by society’s expectations.


Equality and violence prevention starts at an early age. That is why one of our core audiences is young guys. We listen to their stories and help them reflect on the norms and expectations that shape their lives.

  • Killfrågor is an online support chat centre. Boys and young men can turn to Killfrågor with questions, worries or just to talk – about love, friendship, loneliness, sex, their bodies, violence, parents or even computer games! At Killfrågor, volunteers lend a supportive ear, help guys question harmful norms and promote gender equality. The project provides guys with a safe, supportive space to talk about their feelings and thoughts. In the long run, this helps prevent male violence in society.


We believe cooperating across borders is essential to achieve an equal world free from violence. MÄN runs two long-term projects in Russia and Belarus and is part of a cross-European project on sexualized violence. Until 2014 we also worked with the organisation Sonke Gender Justice on equal fatherhood in South Africa, Namibia and Botswana.

  • MÄN is active in north-west Russia to prevent men’s violence against women. Since 2001, our comprehensive project has focused on working with men to prevent violence, treating perpetrators and providing shelter for women and children who were victims of violence. We cooperate closely with Sweden’s women’s support centre movement (through Unizon) and a group of Russian partners.
  • “New Men Belarus” is a project to promote gender-equal parenthood. Since 2013, MÄN has supported its Belarusian partner organisations in finding sustainable ways to involve men as fathers in their children’s lives. “New Men Belarus” organises training´s on how to run parent groups or fathers’ groups and promotes equality amongst young people to challenge harmful gender norms.
  • IMAGINE is a cross-European project on preventing sexualised harassment and sexualised violence. IMAGINE, which stands for “Inspiring Male Action on Gender Equality in Europe,” unites three organisations: MÄN (Sweden), Emancipator (the Netherlands) and The Good Lad Initiative (UK). Volunteers from the participating organisations work to inspire young people (men in particular) to reflect on gendered norms, equality, relationships and consent. The project’s work has been showcased in the European Commission’s “NON.NO.NEIN.”-campaign against gender-based violence in Europe. IMAGINE will run until August 2018.

Find out more about the IMAGINE project here!


Across Sweden, local MÄN chapters and countless volunteers organise activities for an equal world free from violence. This can range from setting up fathers’ groups or reaching out to adolescents in school, to creating theatre plays on masculinity norms or discussing violence and equality in locker rooms at sports clubs.

More info on our local activities in Sweden can be found in our Annual Report.

Project ownership and sponsors
EKFFV is run in cooperation with the towns of Västerås and Borås, with funding from Arvsfonden (the Swedish Inheritance Fund). Machofabriken is owned and run by MÄN, Unizon and ROKS. Fatta MAN is owned by MÄN, Make Equal and Fatta, with support from Arvsfonden. Killfrågor is financed by Postkodstiftelsen (the Swedish Postcode Foundation). IMAGINE is co-financed through the EU-Daphne program.


Mindre än hälften av männen har rannsakat sitt eget beteende sedan #metoo

För andra året i rad publicerar MÄN en undersökning av mäns attityder till #metoo. Resultatet visar att fler män blivit mer engagerade i jämställdhetsfrågor, men inte ens hälften har rannsakat sitt eget beteende. Sedan hösten 2017, och starten på #metoo-rörelsen,…

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Frukostseminarie #Metoo – två år senare

Välkommen på frukostseminarium med MÄN. Vi presenterar resultaten från en nygjord undersökning av mäns attityder efter #metoo, utförd av Sifo på uppdrag av MÄN. Nu har det gått två år sedan #metoo startade och blev till en kraftfull rörelse. Så…

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Facebook event headers bokmässan

Träffa MÄN på Bokmässan

Årets tema för Bokmässan är jämställdhet! MÄN kommer till Bokmässan för första gången och deltar i flera samtal och seminarier med fokus på våldsförebyggande arbete och jämställt föräldraskap. Varmt välkommen på våra programpunkter och till Machofabrikens monter. PROGRAM: 26-29 SEPTEMBER:…

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Men, Masculinity and #MeToo, WEB, v4_Sida_07

Frukostsamtal: MÄN och klimatkrisen

Den 20 till 27 september mobiliserar klimatrörelsen till en strejk- och aktionsvecka över hela världen. De skolstrejkande ungdomarna uppmanar nu vuxenvärlden att göra gemensam sak globalt för att visa de politiska ledarna att vi tar klimatkrisen på allvar, och att…

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EKFFV nätverksträff beskuren

MÄN lanserar utbildning i arbetet för att förebygga våld

Vill du vara med och utveckla det våldsförebyggande arbetet i din kommun? Behöver du stöd för att komma igång eller komma vidare? Nu bjuder MÄN in till en ettårig processinriktad utbildning för att göra just detta. Under året kommer vi…

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Stormöte på Bokmässan – Metoo andra vågen

Efter dokumentären om Josefin Nilsson under våren 2019 fick metoo-rörelsen ny fart inom kulturvärlden och fler män än tidigare engagerade sig och tog ställning mot mäns våld. Nu bjuder Bokmässan tillsammans med organisationen MÄN in alla män till ett stormöte…

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Killfrågor söker fler chatt-volontärer

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Call for international project evaluator

MÄN is a Swedish civil society organization working towards gender equality and freedom from violence. MÄN seeks to contract an external evaluator for one of our international projects. Project name: Men in Belarus 2018-2021 Contract period: September 2019 – February…

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Välkommen in i Lilla rummet

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En stol för RFSL

#EnstolförRFSL i Almedalen

Under flera år har nazistiska NMR tillåtits hota och trakassera människor under Almedalsveckan. Förra året misshandlades ett flertal personer, där ibland MÄNs egna ordförande, och många fler kände sig hotade och utsatta av nazisternas närvaro. NMR fick förra året tillstånd…

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