Connecting gender and environment

MÄN has worked for several years to draw attention to the connection between masculinity norms and the climate crisis. Many men are concerned about climate change, but research also shows that as a group, men have a negative effect on the environment to a greater extent than women. More men than women also deny environmental problems and climate threats, or even actively work against people (often women and girls) and organisations that are trying to do something about the situation.

In recent years, MÄN has initiated pioneering work on the nexus of gender and the environment with the aim of engaging men for gender equality and environmental responsibility. Much of the work has been done together with partner organisations in Eastern Europe. Activities have focused on engaging fathers in caring for the environment for the sake of their children’s future, for example. The work has involved cooperation with frontline researchers in Sweden and internationally.

New networks, knowledge and collaborations have emerged in Sweden and globally, as different actors have started to come together at the intersection of gender and the environment. In 2017, MÄN took the initiative to the network GeMiNI, on gender and the environment, and developed it together with a number of organisations and researchers – for joint learning, inspiration and partnership. The network has since organised and contributed to several major conferences and training programmes.

MÄN has been involved in training environmental organisations on gender, power and masculinity. We have also invited environment organisations to train gender equality activists, which has created new entry points for how to reach and engage men for caregiving work and against violence.

Conversation guide on the climate crisis

MÄN has developed prototype material, Men in the Climate Crisis, in close collaboration with Chalmers University of Technology and the cultivation cooperative Under Tallarna (Under the Pine Trees). This conversation guide for reflective groups for men is currently being piloted in Sweden and internationally. Contact if you are interested in pilot testing by joining an online group or starting your own group. The guide is translated into English and Russian. Download it here.

Conversation guide on the climate crisis

Photo: Annie Spratt, Unsplash