International work

MÄN is part of a global movement of actors that work for gender justice. We partner and cooperate with organisations around the world in joint projects, as consultants and as members of international networks.

Through our international partnerships, we support efforts to end men's violence against women and support initiatives that encourage more men to actively help advance gender equality. This allows us to expand our knowledge, while in turn sharing our own experience and methods for preventing violence, challenging stereotypical norms, and encouraging fathers to get more involved as parents. Alongside other organisations, we speak out about sexualised violence and sexualised exploitation, and about the links between gender norms and the climate crisis.

International projects and assignments

We partner with international actors to contribute to world-wide efforts to end men's violence against women.
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Study Visits

We offer study visits on gender equal parenthood, focused on both practical and theoretical aspects of the work.
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MenEngage and networking

Networks allow us to exchange experiences with others in the same field.
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Global campaign

MenCare encourages men to be more present in their children's lives and perform more care work.
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