Study Visits on Gender Equal Parenthood

Sharing the responsibilities of parenthood equally is not only important for individual families; it is also crucial for increasing gender equality and reducing violence in society. MÄN offers study visits on gender equal parenthood.

The study visits focus on both practical and theoretical aspects of the work – from getting father groups up and running to affecting change on a societal level. The aim is to give participants valuable insights, in order to support the work being done in the participants' own countries.

The participants will have time and support to reflect on how to use and adapt the knowledge and experience gained during the study visit to their national context.

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What we’ve seen here seems to be a very efficient model, which could work in Moldova too. The study visit program is well structured, with a combination of theory and practice.
-- Violeta Terguță, UNFPA, Moldova

  • Duration of the visits is 2–3 days.

  • Hosted in Stockholm, Sweden.

  • 5–15 participants per study visit.

  • Led by Jens Karberg, senior expert at MÄN on gender equality and violence prevention with a special focus on parenting.

  • Suitable for civil society organizations, government representatives, and international organizations, as well as national, regional, and local agencies.

The following three modules are the basis of the study visit.

Module 1: Fatherhood Programmes and Father Groups

The participants get to try participatory methods and gain in-depth knowledge and insight into MÄN's almost 30 years of experience from working with fathers, including recruitment and retention strategies. MÄN’s father groups have been evaluated and reviewed academically with good results.

Module 2: The Societal Level

In this module, we focus on the societal level, key policies, and reforms. The participants will gain an overall understanding of instrumental reforms and changes from a societal perspective.

Module 3: Relevance to Local Context

The participants will have time and support to reflect on how to use and adapt the knowledge and experiences gained during the study visit to their national context.

An Insight into Swedish Society

To get a broader picture of the work done in Sweden, guest lecturers are invited to share their expertise on gender equal parenthood. We also venture out into the city to see how organizations and authorities support gender equal parenting, for example at Maternity Health Clinics, corporations that support gender equal parenthood, and open preschools.

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About MÄN

At MÄN, we have been working to advance gender equality and combat men’s violence since 1993. Promoting gender equal parenthood is an essential part of that work. We strive to inspire, educate, and support others in making a difference.