We need to talk

"We need to talk" is a practical guide for reflective group conversations about masculinity and relationships.

Men stepping out of a gray square and linking arms into an unknown opening
This is a guide that will help you organize reflective group conversations about masculinity and relationships. The guide is aimed at boys and men who are looking for a way to have conversations about norms around masculinity and how we can help one another create better relationships, regardless of whether they are romantic ones, family ones, friendships, or work-based relationships.

MÄN has employed reflective groups for many years and believes that there is power in reflection and conversation, both in regard to personal change and for structural change at the societal level. In order to challenge destructive norms around masculinity and to nurture men’s relationships, we believe in creating space for active listening, in which we share our own experiences.

Why does the guide exist?

We all may need help to start talking to each other about things that can be difficult, unfamiliar, and vulnerable, and then permissive contexts are needed. The material is aimed at boys and men because we are not expected to practice relationships to the same extent as girls and women, something which in turn can create problems both for men themselves and for those around them.

Start or join a reflective group!

You can start a group yourself by gathering 2-8 colleagues, friends, workout buddies, or others.

If you are in Sweden, participate through your local MÄN chapter. Get in touch and ask if there is any ongoing reflective groups or start one yourself.

Download the material through the form below and get started!

"We need to talk" is free to download, but we would like your e-mail address to be able to follow up on how many groups that start during the year.

Want to find more participants?

If you have an English-speaking group in Sweden, contact medlem@mfj.se, so we can post your group start on our website and in our Facebook group for active members.