Building Alliances against Sexualised Exploitation

21 februari 05:54

Sexualised exploitation is a complex issue; built upon gender inequality, it facilitates and perpetuates men’s violence against women and girls in our society.

Over the past year, the devastating consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic have made it easier to lure women and girls into the so-called sex industry, and the need to address sexualised exploitation and its growing digitalisation has become even more urgent. At the same time, space for actors providing social protection to persons exploited in the sex industry (mostly women and girls), and combating all forms of sexualised exploitation is constantly shrinking.

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During the webinar we will talk about the harms of sexualised exploitation and discuss concrete ways of helping survivors of the sex industry. We will address the need of including sexualised exploitation into the dialogue around SRHR and sexualised violence. We will also talk about why it is essential to engage men and boys in the work against sexualised exploitation and addressing men’s demand for women’s bodies. 

April 28th at 16:00–18:00 (CET/UTC +2)
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Organised by:
MÄN (Sweden)
Unizon (Sweden)
Crisis Center for Women in St Petersburg (Russia)
Men’s Development Network (Ireland)
Gender Violence Institute (USA) 

Cornelia Björkquist, Sexual Exploitation & Sexual Crime Expert, Unizon (Sweden)
Anastasiia Chuvaeva, Project Manager, INGI Crises Centre for Women in Saint-Petersburg (Russia)
Chuck Derry, Co-Founder, Gender Violence Institute, Clearwater (Minnesota, USA)
Mia de Faoite, Survivor Activist, Board Member of the Men’s Development Network & Campaign Coordinator of Beyond Exploitation (Ireland)
Orla Sadlier, Programme Support Officer, Men’s Development Network (Ireland)
Svante Tidholm, Project Manager, Method Developer, MÄN (Sweden) 

Natalia Batenkova, International Project Manager, Unizon (Sweden) 

The webinar is held in English.