Lena Wallquist (mitten), MÄN:s internationella chef och Luis Linero (höger), som arbetar med MenEngage Europes sekretariat hos MÄN, på plats i Sevilla.

More than 1,000 men demonstrate against men's violence in Seville

MÄN recently took part in a major European gathering in Seville, Spain, for organizations that engage boys and men against men's violence. As a final, a demonstration was organized that mobilized close to a thousand people, primarily men, marching through the streets in protest to men's violence against women.

MÄN is a member of the global MenEngage Alliance, which brings together organizations that work in different ways to engage boys and men for gender justice. In Europe, the work with MenEngage is coordinated by a secretariat located at MÄN's office. MÄN is also part of the Steering Committee for MenEngage Europe and coordinators for this work together with the Austrian organization Poika and Men´s Development Network in Ireland.

Exchange of experiences 

In Seville, about fifty MenEngage members from 17 European countries met for the first physical meeting since 2018. The participants shared experiences and examples from their practical work and discussed issues of importance to the network, such as how we can work with intersectional perspectives on masculinity, how we can work with men's demand for prostitution and how we can show solidarity with movements that require system change, such as the climate movement.

A feminist agenda on Men and Masculinities 

The reason for the European meeting to be held in Seville was that Spanish and Portuguese MenEngage members had joined other actors in the feminist movement in the region to develop a "Feminist Agenda on Men & Masculinities". The final conference for that process was held in Seville the same week, which enabled synergies and the opportunity to MenEngage members from other parts of Europe to learn from the Spanish-Portugese example. 

March against men’s violence against women

For the past fifteen years, October 21 has been a day when men all over Spain manifest their opposition to men's violence. MenEngage Europe membes joined this manifestation by taking part in a mighty demonstration march with nearly a thousand people, mostly men, marching through Seville in protest against "la violencia machista", men's violence against women.